As part of the application process for the RGD Examination, applicants are asked to submit six written rationales. Below are some examples of individual rationales from the sets of 6 submitted by RGDs who successfully completed the Examination. (Please refer to the Handbook for Registered Graphic Designers for complete details on how and what to submit.)

Written Rationale by Julian Brown RGD for the design of a video that informs the public about developments in the last year at CAMH. Download Julian Brown’s PDF

Written Rationale by Frank Chartrand RGD for the branding and website design of Carrefour Francophone. Download Frank Chartrand’s PDF

Written Rationale by Nadine Arseneault RGD for the design of the CAA Magazine for CAA-Canadian Automobile Association. Download Nadine Arseneault’s PDF

Written Rationale by Christine Waite RGD for the design of TD Waterhouse Financial Planning – Admit One Gala Event. Download Christine Waite’s PDF

Written Rationale by Fidel Peña RGD for the design of the book Susur. Download Fidel Peña’s PDF

Written Rationale by Jennifer Shadbolt RGD for the Compliments Seasonal Package Design. Download Jennifer Shadbolt’s PDF

Written Rationale by Kenn Waplington RGD for the design of the Ministry of Research & Innovation Bio Booth. Download Kenn Waplington’s PDF